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An Introduction to Category Theory. Harold Simmons

An Introduction to Category Theory
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An Introduction to Category Theory Harold Simmons
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

One of my great frustrations is that I lack the mathematical background to understand Category Theory as I think Badiou is really on to something in his most recent work engaging with Category Theory. If someone has a recommendation for a very rudimentary introductory text (and I already have Goldblatt) I'd be eternally grateful. Submitted by Richard Zach on October 13, 2008 - 7:17pm. I am something of a peculiarity when it comes to Badiou. Consider some Mathieu says: I don't see that (or something like that) on that page, but saturated anafunctors should correspond to butterflies also in the semi-abelian case (using the notion of internal crossed module in a semi-abelian category introduced by Janelidze), but I have not checked it. While there are many monographs on category theory, I think the following titles are the most helpful for introductory and philosophical purposes: 1. To think of this more generally in terms of internal category theory, where the concept is of independent use, and in fact well known by other names than “anafunctor”. Since I'm hanging out with a bunch of category theorists every Wednesday, web finds with "category theory" in them keep attracting my attention. A very clear and well-organized introduction is Geroch, Mathematical Physics, University of Chicago Press, 1985. A couple of weeks ago, I came across this book draft posted on arXiv: I'd links to an introduction on the web, but the only introductory thing I could find is a short paper by Wells.

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